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AMR mobile robots

AMR mobile robots began to be created many years ago, but they have been improved throughout this time. As a result, high-quality devices are now available that enable autonomous decision-making. This happens as a result of taking information from the environment. They use not only sensors, but also artificial intelligence algorithms, which is important for their success. The first robots of this type appeared in the mid-20th century. However, they moved very slowly, but over time they were improved. Among other things, a sound sensor was attached to them, which allowed even better use of the robots.

Applications of AMR mobile robots

There are many possibilities for the use of AMR mobile robots. They are used in almost all industries, and are mainly useful for automating many production processes, which definitely makes work in a company easier and faster. Both universal and specialized mobile robots are available. The former easily adapt to the needs of the company, while the latter enable detailed operations.

With the help of AMR mobile robots, it is possible, among other things, to efficiently transport pallets within production halls and warehouses. They are also useful when towing carts or when monitoring various systems. Often, they also provide support for roller conveyors.

What are the types of AMR mobile robots?

There are several types of AMR mobile robots. These include robots that make it possible to transport products between workstations – they are a large part of robots and play a very significant role. In addition to this, self-propelled forklifts prove to be important for many companies. They are used primarily in places where there is repetitive handling of loads. AMR mobile robots for inventory are also available, consisting mainly of inventory control and checking the arrangement of goods on racks. The last to be mentioned are unmanned aerial vehicles, used for product transport, inventory and monitoring tasks.

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