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Final inspection machines and end of line testers

In addition to production, assembly and special purpose machines, our offer includes the final inspection machines. These are devices responsible for testing various parameters of your product during production at the end of the line and also in the middle of the production process. Thanks to the testing machines, it is possible to maintain high quality of products, as well as to verify possible defects. In view of this, they are equally important for various types of industrial branches. On our part, we provide machines fully adapted to the needs of the customer. A specialized engineering staff oversees the design and construction.

What kind of final inspection machines do we make?


In our offer, we specialize primarily in:

  • leak testers - which check the pressure in plastic containers,
  • electrical parameter testers - helping to measure values in electrical equipment,
  • end of line testers - checking the functionality of control units, mechanical parts, etc.
  • geometry verification devices - used, among other things, in auto repair shops to test wheel alignment.

We ensure that all final inspection equipment is characterized by reliability in verification. The machines are based on innovative technologies and we also have other models of final inspection equipment. In view of this, we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to provide additional information and build the equipment that best meets your expectations.

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