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Robotized machine building

The offer of robotic machine building can apply to all kinds of production-related activities and more. We provide fully automated as well as semi-automated devices - all depending on the customer's preferences and company requirements. Above all, we care about high quality, increased productivity and safety.

When designing robotic machines, we use modern and proven solutions from leading manufacturers such as:

  • ABB,
  • KUKA,
  • FNAUC,
  • Kawasaki Robotics.

We design and build new workstations, as well as deal with robotization of existing production processes. We encourage you to contact us - just specify your expectations and we will try to design devices that will meet them.

What processes can be robotized with our machines?


There are many options for robotic workstations and production lines. With the help of machines made by us, you can robotize such processes as:

  • assembly of components,
  • handling and loading/unloading,
  • quality control,
  • material processing (grinding, turning, milling, drilling, etc.).

Much depends on the execution of the project, so all details are best determined during a personal conversation. In this regard, we warmly welcome companies that want to increase their productivity to cooperate with us.

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