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Construction of machines

robot w fabryce
  •  assembly machines
  • production machines
  • final inspection machines
  • for industry
  • robotized lines and machines
  • dedicated machines
  • industrial machines

Our company's specialty is the construction of machines for processes in various industries and beyond. The implementation is based on previously made projects that take into account the requirements set by the customer. There are many possibilities to automate work for individual needs, and therefore we provide technological solutions that will significantly improve the work of any enterprise.

Our customers can count on efficient execution of orders. Thanks to many years of experience, appropriate qualifications and our own workshop, we can quickly move from the design phase to implementation - while maintaining the highest standard of service. What's more, anyone undertaking cooperation with our company will receive substantive support, which will allow us to introduce the best technological solutions. We listen carefully to the suggestions of customers, get acquainted with the functioning of their industry, in order to propose fully customized machines on this basis.


What solutions does machine building service offer?


As it was mentioned, machine building can apply to a variety of activities. In this regard, we offer the design and manufacture of machines that will prove themselves primarily in:

  • assembly lines,
  • production (including production lines),
  • testing (mainly final inspection equipment for testing electrical parameters, leakage or verifying geometry),
  • industrial works
  • measuring.

Depending on requirements, machines can be fully or partially robotic. If you want to learn more, we encourage you to read the details of our offer. At the same time, we invite those interested to contact us - we will be happy to answer any questions and determine the terms of cooperation.

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