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Autonomous AMR forklifts

Autonomous forklifts are a modern alternative to primary means of transportation. They definitely make it easier to perform various tasks, as they do not require handling. They contribute to both productivity and safety. For this reason, they are so popular in many companies. These devices do not need to be operated by an operator, which is their most important advantage. They make it possible to transport even sizable, heavy loads within a single warehouse or between different facilities. They are especially useful in places where it is necessary to handle a very large number of goods or to carry out the same logistics tasks over and over again. Autonomous trucks help streamline various processes. Also check out the application of autonomous AGVs.

Autonomous forklifts operating principle

The operating principle of automated forklifts is, despite appearances, very simple. Their guidance systems are synchronized, allowing the devices to move efficiently and safely through a designated space. Also the right software is contributing to the success, which allows the forklifts to operate smoothly and without problems. These are fully automated devices, which is definitely an advantage, especially in this day and age. The route and speed at which the device moves are constantly monitored, so they pose no danger. They prove safe for both the goods being transported and the workers in the warehouse.

Key advantages of autonomous forklifts

Autonomous forklifts can be used for many purposes. Their use is very beneficial for the company, which is why so many company managers choose to use these devices. They make it possible to significantly reduce expenses, as they help shorten the transportation of goods. Autonomous forklifts are therefore a great way for a company to save money. In addition, they are able to solve many of the problems associated with employee shortages. This is because they do not need to be operated, which makes it possible to dispense with hiring operators. This proves to be an ideal solution for staff shortages. Autonomous forklifts are very functional, their use leads not only to speed up, but also to increase the efficiency of the warehouse work carried out.

Types of guidance systems used in autonomous forklifts

The equipment of autonomous forklifts includes guidance systems. There are several types of these components, so it is possible to match the device as closely as possible to individual expectations and preferences. If you do not know which model to choose for your enterprise, please contact us. We will be happy to help and answer all your questions – we have a lot of experience and adequate knowledge to properly select equipment for the needs of your company. We are committed to customer satisfaction, so we do everything to provide you high-quality device to increase the efficiency and safety of operations carried out in your warehouse or other areas of your company.

Among the guidance systems used in autonomous forklifts are:

  • electromagnetic systems – such forklifts move according to a predetermined route using wires under the floor. This works well only for fixed travel routes,,
  • image recognition – uses artificial intelligence algorithms. The image according to which the forklift is supposed to move is acquired from panoramic cameras,
  • optical – forklifts travel according to a specific route with the help of a special reflective tape,
  • laser – the use of laser scanners makes it possible to determine the position of the forklift.
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