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Autonomous transport robots

Autonomous transport carts are AMR-class robots that come in handy during many warehouse operations, but not only. They do not need to be operated by operators, and therefore represent a major cost savings for the company and allow various activities to be carried out efficiently. They contribute to both productivity and safety at the workplace. Autonomous transport robots have many advantages, so it is not surprising that they are replacing traditional means of transportation. They are used in warehouses, as well as production halls.

Advantages of autonomous transport robots

There are many advantages of these devices, which is why they are so readily used. Autonomous transport robots allow various processes of material transport. They can be used in a single warehouse or on a single hall, as well as between facilities. Their use contributes primarily to the optimization of internal transport costs. They provide unmanned operation, which means they do not require hiring operators or taking breaks during operation. They can operate continuously for up to three shifts and do not get tired or make mistakes, which could happen to employees.

In addition, they allow easy reconstruction and scaling of the transportation system. So there is no hassle when the need to change the robot’s route arises. It can be adapted to current needs at any time. Autonomous transport carts will work well in almost any warehouse, there is no need to specially adapt facilities to them. The devices are distinguished by their low failure rate and versatility of applications. Their accessories allow them to perform various, even complex tasks.

What possibilities do autonomous transport robots provide?

Autonomous transport robots allow you to meet staff shortages in your company. If you have a problem with hiring employees, these devices will work perfectly. They replace people, providing many benefits to the company. In addition, they help reduce downtime, which can sometimes be very costly. This is connected with the low failure rate of the devices and its easy repair. The use of autonomous traditional robots contributes to increased productivity, as there is no need to take breaks in the operation of these devices. This is a big difference compared to human labor. The devices also increases safety in a given plant, being programmed in such a way that it does not lead to collisions with people. Also check out the capabilities of AGV autonomous carts.

Is it safe to use autonomous transport carts?

However, some entrepreneurs are not convinced about the safety of the devices. They fear robotic systems in their company, which is a mistake. Autonomous transport robots are as safe as possible, having been designed to work in warehouses or production halls, where people are also present. In the event of an emergency, they go into a safe mode, the drive is disconnected and all equipment stops. As a result, the devices does not pose a danger and does not cause further damage in the event of an emergency. It is also worth noting that autonomous transport robots are equipped with active safety systems, which include motion sensors, cameras, bumpers, laser systems and vision systems. The devices are therefore as suitable as possible for material handling.

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