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Cobots, also known as collaborative or cooperative robots, are high-quality devices that enable direct interaction between a human and a robot. The name is a combination of the words collaborative and robot. They are developing very rapidly, as a result of which they can be found in various production facilities. They are becoming increasingly popular, which is not surprising as they definitely make it easier to perform various tasks. They are primarily responsible for automating processes, which is certainly very important in many companies.

The most important advantages of cobots

Cobots have a built-in safety system, as a result of which it is possible for them to interact with humans. For this purpose, it is not necessary to install any special security features such as cages or bars. Thus, collaborative robots are proving to be far superior to industrial robots. Cobots are distinguished by their high mobility, and there are no objections to moving them freely and using them in many applications. The devices are compact and weigh very little, which makes it no problem to use them in different places.

Another big advantage of cobots is that they can be programmed quickly and easily. Sometimes it only takes a few hours to program simple applications. The devices allow you to carry out a variety of projects, they can perfectly cope with the easiest tasks such as Pick&Place, but also with complex operations like quality inspections with mounted cameras. The distinguishing features of cobots make them much more readily used than other solutions, including industrial robots.

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