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Assembly workstations

Semi-automatic assembly stations

Fully automated assembly stations

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Designing machines and devices
according to client’s specification

Preparation of the 3D models

Preparation of the complete
technical documentation

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Devices testing hermeticity

Devices testing electrical parameters

Devices for geometry verification

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Designing special devices
according to client specification

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Designing and manufacturing
of the new production lines

Modernization of the existing
production lines

Expanding production lines
by new stations

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    PLC drivers programming

    Modification of the existing programs
    Preparation of the vision applications
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CNC detail machining
(CNC milling, turning)

Small-lot production

Piece production

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Services provided with the support of the European Union

  • Programming the PLC network structure
  • Programming PLCs using Fuzzy Logic algorithms and neural networks
  • Visualization of kinematics of mechanical systems
  • Endurance calculations using MES
  • Dynamic simulations
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