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AGV autonomous vehicles

AGVs are a great option for warehouses and production halls. They enable efficient handling of intralogistics operations in production, logistics, warehousing or distribution. The most important advantage of these devices is the lack of need for operator, which significantly reduces operating costs. Operations carried out with AGV autonomous carts are carried out efficiently and stably. The devices are used primarily for transporting various goods in facilities. Their use does not require changing the structure of buildings. The devices are very safe to use, and even contribute to reducing the number of accidents and damage to transported products. They operate on the basis of modern technologies.

Wózek AGV

Design, integration and implementation of AGV vehicles

We are involved in both the design, integration and implementation of AGV autonomous vehicle systems. All operations are performed completely automatically. In addition to providing high-quality devices, we provide support – we are happy to answer all questions and help with the operation of the devices. Customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us, and therefore we do everything to meet your expectations and needs to every degree.

When designing or integrating AGV self-propelled vehicles, we take into account the individual needs of the company for which we carry out the project. We take into account operational conditions, material flow requirements, as well as the specifications of the cargo units to be handled. All this is of great importance to us.

Wózek AGV

What are the guidance systems of self-propelled AGVs?

There are several guidance systems when it comes to AGV self-propelled carts. Among them is electromagnetic guidance, which consists in the fact that the equipment moves along special routes, determined by wires under the floors. This option is recommended only for fixed paths, as changing them is quite complicated and time-consuming. Of great interest is the image recognition system, which uses an artificial intelligence algorithm. The image comes from panoramic cameras. There is also a distinction between optical guidance, in which case the carts move with the help of a reflective tape that marks their route.

One of the guidance systems for self-propelled AGVs is also laser guidance. The devices of this type are equipped with special laser scanners, which allow precise determination of the device’s location. This is possible thanks to a map of the object stored in memory. This is a convenient system, since it does not require the installation of special cables or tapes.

Wózek AGV

When is it worth opting for autonomous AGV carts?

Autonomous AGV carts are useful in many production facilities. It is worth considering their purchase, since devices of this kind have many advantages. First of all, they allow the completion of various tasks without the involvement of employees, which is a considerable saving of both time and money. Numerous benefits associated with the use of self-propelled AGVs contribute to the improvement of the company. This is because the company gains devices that are efficient and safe. However, it is worth realizing that the use of these carts works mainly for facilities with a low flow of goods. This is because they are not designed for the high flow.

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